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Tournament Fishing on CandleWood Lake

Super fun day on the water with @victoriaquirk! We fished our first TBF open event of the year on Candlewood. The weather was back and fourth day, steady winds with random heavy gusts, mostly cloudy with the sun appearing a few time through out the day, by 2pm we got a few rain showers but it was nice because it kept the boat traffic on the lake to a minimum. We caught a small limit by 8am and continued to cull through out the day. We finished the day with 17.53 pounds on 5 fish anchored by a 4.34 smallmouth caught by Vic! Good enough for a 4th place finish. Some largemouth weighed in looked very healthy and are putting on some weight as they recover from the spawn and start to move into more of a summer pattern, you can see in my right hand was a very skinny and beat up post spawn largemouth! Water temps were anywhere from 63-68 depending where you were on the lake. Onto the next one! Lake patrol had their eyes on us 🤣

That being said guiding and running the shop has taken up a ton of time and I’ve been slacking on posts but I’m going to continue to try my best to keep up with everyone!

Big shout out to @norfinusa for keeping us warm and dry with my Alpha suit & Vics Boat suit! Dry, warm and comfortable 🤟🏼

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