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Spring Bass Fishing

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

This year has been a slow start for me, I haven’t been out on the big lake nearly as much as I have been the past few years. We’ve been super busy in the shop and it was finally nice to go and fish my second event of the year being the @thayersmarine open on candlewood. I called @jake_steel96 at 9PM Friday night as I wasn’t even going to fish until I decided last minute to just say screw it’s and go! Boy am I happy we did! We ended up taking the Win with 24.61 on 6 fish also took home lunker on a 5.56 largemouth!

Also caught my first mirror carp first thing yesterday morning 🤣 it wasn’t an easy day by any means but we did fish clean, I broke off a fish I wasn’t able to see but it felt like a good fish. Culled through out the day and just did what we all love to do is fish! This was also Jakes first big boat tournament, he’s now ruined 😁.

A big shout out to @got_eemm& @bucktailnick for the pictures, hats off to @ryanoutdoors_516 & @fishing_with_weensie for their awesome 2nd place finish!

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1 Comment

Awesome! Great job! Congratulations!

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